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Article Creative Zen stuck on rebuilding library Hits 23845 | Last Modified 2008-11-11
And you've followed that advice about holding the power button down whilst pushing a paperclip into the reset hole? And nothing happens? It just rebuilds the library and freezes again? Read on...
Article Firefox won't open PHP pages suddenly Hits 33477 | Last Modified 2008-11-11
Trying to access facebook I was suddenly told I was trying to download a PHP file, and what should I do with it. I said, open it with Firefox and then a hundred new, blank tabs opened... Solution follows.
Misc Javascript onloadRegister is not defined Hits 19139 | Last Modified 2008-11-11
If you're getting mysterious javascript errors such as 'onloadRegister is not defined' when using Facebook, or Twitter etc, then read on, this might be the solution you were looking for.
Article Nokia N95 8GB - Contact names not showing Hits 24819 | Last Modified 2008-11-11
I searched for an answer for this for an age. When people call or text me, their names didn't show up, just their numbers, even though they were in my address book. Not all of them though - just some! Some people worked fine!
Article Skyrim follower walking really slowly Hits 978 | Last Modified 2008-11-11
Jenassa, what happened? She's creeping along like a fool.
Misc Some pages load, some pages don't, in any browser Hits 9491 | Last Modified 2008-11-11
Suddenly some webpages stopped loading for me, in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari, but not, interestingly, in Lynx. I used a BT Home Hub, and no changes had been made to my system for weeks.
Misc Syntax error in manifest - installing Windows XP original CD Hits 19830 | Last Modified 2008-11-11
When installing an original Windows XP CD, either upgrade or full version, are you getting an error at the 39 minutes to go point that: Error: SXS.DLL: Syntax error in manifest or policy file?
Article TPF Hits 241679 | Last Modified 2008-11-11
Tiny PHP Forum by Ralph Capper. Sadly, TPF is no longer supported by me. At some point in the future I might re-write it and re-release as a new version. You can find some information about it on this page though.

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