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Misc Apple Crumble Recipe Hits 281458 | Last Modified 2008-01-04
The classic dessert that they forced me to learn in Home Economics class at school. It remains unchanged except that I now make my own apple sauce, rather than buying it.
Misc Basic Curry Problems Hits 11752 | Last Modified 2008-01-04
Problems with your curry? Some of the most common listed here. Too bland, watery?
Misc Can I freeze refried beans? Hits 6891 | Last Modified 2008-01-04
Yes. Okay then, how can I defrost and reheat frozen refried beans? Ah, now you're talking. Read on.
Misc Chana Balti Recipe Hits 6929 | Last Modified 2008-01-04
That is, Balti-chick-peas.
Misc Cheese, Onion, Leek and Potato Pie Hits 29527 | Last Modified 2008-01-04
Quick and easy pie, tastes great, vegetarian. Prep 20 mins, cooking, 30 mins. Serves 3-4.
Blog Comet, the Sale of Goods Act, a Cooker, some frustration Hits 25541 | Last Modified 2008-01-04
We bought a cooker just over 12 months ago from Comet, a DeLongi, gas hob, 2 x electric ovens. Within a month or so, the left-hand themostat broke, heating it up to 200oC+ no matter what temperature was selected. That time it was fixed for free, so what happens just after the magical 12 months expires?
Misc Easy Vegetarian Thai 'Pesto' noodles Hits 3604 | Last Modified 2008-01-04
I found this recipe somewhere and adapted it slightly - it's an amazingly tasty 5 minute sauce that you simply stir into noodles. Super-quick and good food. Needs holy basil or sweet basil leaves. This is also vegan.
Article Facebook blank profile page, cookies problems etc Hits 165662 | Last Modified 2008-01-04
Logged into facebook and your profile (home.php?) page is blank? Is it complaining about enabling cookies? Are you using firefox?
Article Home-made re-fried beans, the easy way Hits 5873 | Last Modified 2008-01-04
Refried beans are great. This is a quick and easy way to make them using a tin of kidney beans. Just double up the recipe for larger amounts. Serve as a dip, in quesedillas, alongside chilli, etc.
Misc Kedchari, Chamba Style Hits 3233 | Last Modified 2008-01-04
This is a recipe taught to us by Sne when we were staying in Chamba, India. It's a great alternative to plain or pilau rice, and damn tasty too. The flavour that comes out it pretty unique.
Article Manju's Curry Powder Hits 5571 | Last Modified 2008-01-04
A curry powder from Brit Spice by Manju Malhi.
Misc Oven-free 'Pizza' Hits 2708 | Last Modified 2008-01-04
If you don't have an oven, this pan-cooked alternative is worth a try. It would be vegan, but the egg white really lifts the texture so it doesn't feel like you're eating simply fried flour with cheese on the top...! It isn't exactly like a pizza, but it is good and filling and easy. You can load up the toppings, of course, like a normal pizza.
Article Quick and Easy Vegetarian Thai Curry Hits 6700 | Last Modified 2008-01-04
When you want a quick and simple Thai curry, you don't want to make the base from scratch, you want to use a paste - it's not a bad thing, they use them in Thailand too! This is vegetarian and vegan too, but read your paste ingredients carefully. Takes 30 mins, serves 2-3.
Article Seaweed Soup Hits 3268 | Last Modified 2008-01-04
This is a quick, basic, tasty and easy soup that I often make on a lunchtime. You can have it as it is, or with noodles to make it more substantial.
Article Sour Cream Cake Hits 3394 | Last Modified 2008-01-04
This is based on a net recipe that I have since lost the bookmark for. Light, very rich, quick and easy and tasty. Needs sour cream, eggs, butter, flour, some nuts and sugar.
Article Special, Easy Vegetarian Quesadillas Hits 2730 | Last Modified 2008-01-04
Quick, easy and oh so tasty, these quesadillas have evolved over many years of making them. They are basically tortillas filled with salsa, cheese and refried beans. Take half an hour, start to finish. Serves 2-3 people.
Article Vegetarian Porcini Mushroom Casserole with Dumplings Hits 6327 | Last Modified 2008-01-04
A very rich and comforting stew for those long winter months. I like it made just like this Ė with butter instead of oil, thick and rich. You can use half the amount of corn flour if you donít like it that thick, and oil if you like. Takes about 2 hours cooking, 15-20 mins prep time. Serves about 4.

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