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Article Alingan Bajis recipe Hits 5396 | Last Modified 2009-10-05
These cheese and potato bhajis are a popular snack in north-west India. They are very easy to make and hard to get wrong! Best served with chilli sauce, chutney, curd or yoghurt.
Article How to make easy Mead recipe Hits 64694 | Last Modified 2009-10-05
I thought I'd try my hand at mead. This recipe is a mix of a few I found on the net. It is pretty easy and requires little special ingredients or equipment.
Article Quick and Easy Vegetarian Thai Curry Hits 6699 | Last Modified 2009-10-05
When you want a quick and simple Thai curry, you don't want to make the base from scratch, you want to use a paste - it's not a bad thing, they use them in Thailand too! This is vegetarian and vegan too, but read your paste ingredients carefully. Takes 30 mins, serves 2-3.
Article Salt and Pepper Crackers Hits 2727 | Last Modified 2009-10-05
These are based on a traditional Indian recipe for crackers that are deep fried and last for several weeks. This is essentially the same except I bake them in the oven instead. They are a good snack and very quick and easy to make.
Article Special, Easy Vegetarian Quesadillas Hits 2729 | Last Modified 2009-10-05
Quick, easy and oh so tasty, these quesadillas have evolved over many years of making them. They are basically tortillas filled with salsa, cheese and refried beans. Take half an hour, start to finish. Serves 2-3 people.

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