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Article Clarke's Hotel - vegetarian food review Hits 1691 | Last Modified 2008-11-11
It may be the hidden jewel of Morecambe Bay, but is it's veggie food up to scratch? Well, frankly, no.
Misc Food review at the Waterwitch, Lancaster, UK Hits 3258 | Last Modified 2008-11-11
The Waterwitch was recently closed for a month of refurbishment and re-opened with a fanfare of real ales and quality food, along with some roughly sanded outside tables. We thought we'd pop along and try the food on a hot, early-summer evening.
Article How to make easy Mead recipe Hits 64694 | Last Modified 2008-11-11
I thought I'd try my hand at mead. This recipe is a mix of a few I found on the net. It is pretty easy and requires little special ingredients or equipment.
Misc Oven-free 'Pizza' Hits 2708 | Last Modified 2008-11-11
If you don't have an oven, this pan-cooked alternative is worth a try. It would be vegan, but the egg white really lifts the texture so it doesn't feel like you're eating simply fried flour with cheese on the top...! It isn't exactly like a pizza, but it is good and filling and easy. You can load up the toppings, of course, like a normal pizza.
Article Paneer Tikka Masala BBQ Skewers Hits 4473 | Last Modified 2008-11-11
This is a great vegetarian BBQ option if you're bored of the usual skewers. Plan to make it a few hours in advance. Remember to make or buy your paneer, and check the notes on chaat masala).
Article Quite Simply French - vegetarian food review Hits 2069 | Last Modified 2008-11-11
"Quite Simply French is a beautiful restaurant overlooking the River Lune in the historic city of Lancaster", yes, yes, but what's your vegetarian food like, eh?
Blog Vegetarian breakfast at the Whaletail, Lancaster Hits 4947 | Last Modified 2008-11-11
There's a distinct lack of places in Lancaster to have a good veggie fry-up on a weekend morning, the Whale Tail being one of few. And, after recently being mentioned in the Observer as one of the best places in Lancashire, I thought I'd give it another go.
Blog Vegetarian food on KLM? Hits 6654 | Last Modified 2008-11-11
I recently flew to Amsterdam with KLM from Manchester airport, and despite ordering vegetarian food in advance, calling to confirm this, and then asking at check-in again, they *still* gave me a chicken salad! This is a record of my letter-writing campaign to them.
Article White Cross - Vegetarian Sunday Roast review Hits 3058 | Last Modified 2008-11-11
After living down sawf for a period of time, we were spoiled by the number of pubs that did a vegetarian option for the traditional Sunday Pub Lunch. Back up in lancaster, they're thin on the ground... so, imagine our delight to find one on our doorstep...

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