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Misc Castle O' Death Hits 2691 | Last Modified 2008-01-29
Back in the early 90's I wrote a game to demonstrate the 'powers' of ODE, a basic-like language on the PSION 3a. It was released as freeware sometime after I left, and still has footprints on the internet today.
News Dig Jig Hits 5198 | Last Modified 2008-01-29
A pure javascript game. Collect the gems, avoid the monsters, blow things up.
Misc Excel Games Hits 18521 | Last Modified 2008-01-29
Some more unfinished things. These were games written in Excel by myself back in 2004 and earlier. In jobs with nothing on a computer except Excel it is still possible to entertain yourself!
Article Little archaeologist game Hits 4162 | Last Modified 2008-01-29
This is an old, old java applet platform game I wrote. I thought I'd put it back on line as I just found it again :)
Misc Little Wizard Game Help Hits 2215 | Last Modified 2008-01-29
Some help for the little wizard java applet game!
Article Mission OM Hits 2098 | Last Modified 2008-01-29
The Commodore 64 Adventure: You are in a little village. There's a river to the east beyond which you can see a field. There are mountains to the north south and west and a path going south under the mountains...
Article ShantiBoom! Hits 3615 | Last Modified 2008-01-29
This is a Visual Basic puzzle game I wrote back in the year 1998. It seems to run okay on Win XP, not sure about anything else. I'm releasing it as freeware! Enjoy!
Misc Shithead Hits 9776 | Last Modified 2008-01-29
If you wander into a hostel in Oaxaca, or a bar in Koh Panyang, and there are bunch of backpackers playing cards, the chances are that it is shithead. Very commonly found in Britain, it is also played all around the world - the number one backpacker export (that and the ruining of rural communities...)
Article Skyrim follower walking really slowly Hits 984 | Last Modified 2008-01-29
Jenassa, what happened? She's creeping along like a fool.
Article The Bus Game Hits 4959 | Last Modified 2008-01-29
Unsure when, or why, this was written
Article The Little Witch Game Hits 3676 | Last Modified 2008-01-29
This was a java applet game I wrote back in 2003. I just found it so put all the notes etc about it here. Note, it doesn't seem to load any more :( no idea why. If anyone fixes it, let me know! (Source is available)
Misc The Little Wizard Game Hits 10653 | Last Modified 2008-01-29
Something strange has happened in the world of your little wizard - something evil. Terrible creatures have started to appear around the countryside - vampire bats, ghosts of lost souls, demons straight from hell, and more besides.
Misc Tricky Puzzle Hits 3842 | Last Modified 2008-01-29
It's best to imagine this as a kind of House. You must walk from any starting point through every door. You must not cross your own path again, or go through any door more than once. If you draw a line to mark your path you'll soon get the idea.

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