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Misc Can I freeze refried beans? Hits 6891 | Last Modified 2009-05-07
Yes. Okay then, how can I defrost and reheat frozen refried beans? Ah, now you're talking. Read on.
Article Duplicate contacts or no profile picture on Samsung GALAXY S II Hits 14883 | Last Modified 2009-05-07
How to get around the problem of contacts being split up on a Samsung Galaxy S2. For example, when sending a new text message, you see the same person listed several times - one for Google, one for Facebook, one for Skype etc. This also fixes the problem of not showing the correct images for contacts (or not having an image at all).
Misc Little Wizard Game Help Hits 2215 | Last Modified 2009-05-07
Some help for the little wizard java applet game!
Misc Little Wizard Spells Cheat Sheet Hits 4510 | Last Modified 2009-05-07
After a lot of emails complaining that that the game is too hard, and that it is too difficult to find out what all the spells do, here is a list.
Misc Little Wizard Walkthru Hits 5263 | Last Modified 2009-05-07
After a few emails I felt guilty and produced a walkthru, taking a player up to the gates of the evil fortress. I feel better.
Misc Q & As of the Little Wizard Hits 2736 | Last Modified 2009-05-07
Really stuck playing the Little Wizard Game?
Article Ralpharama's Programming 101 Hits 4001 | Last Modified 2009-05-07
A tutorial from 2003. It may still of interest, though a bit old: This tutorial may interest you if you satisfy the following criteria: You don't know anything about programming. You want to learn some Java. You think it would be fun to pass time writing inane little games. You want to write these little games to run in a browser window like Internet Explorer. Still with me? Good. I'm assuming no knowledge at all about anything, so, let's begin.
Misc Ryanair Refunds after cancelled flights Hits 46176 | Last Modified 2009-05-07
How do I get my money back from a cancelled Ryanair flight? They can be difficult to contact, and their website is not aimed at helping you very much...
Article Skyrim follower walking really slowly Hits 983 | Last Modified 2009-05-07
Jenassa, what happened? She's creeping along like a fool.
Misc Syntax error in manifest - installing Windows XP original CD Hits 19830 | Last Modified 2009-05-07
When installing an original Windows XP CD, either upgrade or full version, are you getting an error at the 39 minutes to go point that: Error: SXS.DLL: Syntax error in manifest or policy file?
Article The "SendUsing" configuration value is invalid Hits 864 | Last Modified 2009-05-07
Getting CDO.Message.1 error '80040220' The "SendUsing" configuration value is invalid. When sending mail?
Misc Wine Bottling Hits 5069 | Last Modified 2009-05-07
Once your wine has stopped fermenting, you should bottle it. How do you know when your wine has stopped fermenting? It should be (mostly) clear, and the level of water in the fermentation lock should stay level, indicating that there is no pressure inside the jar - no bubbles pass through it any longer. If you've had your wine in your bedroom cupboard, you'll know it is ready because you'll miss the little plop-plop noise it used to make.

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