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Blog Airmiles - where's my stuff? Hits 10431 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
I never did anything with my airmiles, so thought I'd use the balance I'd worked up over the last 10 years to buy something, anything. So why, 3 weeks after ordering, has nothing turned up yet?
News Amazon.co.uk - where's my stuff? Hits 30303 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
Trouble with an Amazon.co.uk delivery? CDs not turned up? Ignoring your emails? Read on... I used to love Amazon. I used to buy a lot of books and computer games from them. But no more... Never again! Why? Because they recently took 15 days to deliver a book to me, and their customer service is the worst I've encountered since Talktalk, and that's saying something.
Article Banana Licuado Hits 6463 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
Don't listen to the others, this is the real deal - a proper Banana Licuado recipe.
Blog Bloody Natwest Hits 6619 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
Natwest have a problem with me because I won't give them my phone number. It makes them cranky and irritable. So they often send me letters urging me to get in touch as they had 'a problem' phoning me. Invariably, they want to speak to me in order to convince me to take out a loan instead of using my overdraft and credit card balance.
Misc Kedchari, Chamba Style Hits 3232 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
This is a recipe taught to us by Sne when we were staying in Chamba, India. It's a great alternative to plain or pilau rice, and damn tasty too. The flavour that comes out it pretty unique.
Misc Ryanair Refunds after cancelled flights Hits 46169 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
How do I get my money back from a cancelled Ryanair flight? They can be difficult to contact, and their website is not aimed at helping you very much...
Article Tarka Dal with coconut milk Hits 15823 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
This makes an amazingly tasty and comforting dal. This was, surprisingly, inspired by Rick Stein's similar tarka daal on his Eastern Odyssey programme recently - the Sri Lanka episode. And it's vegetarian / vegan too!

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