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Blog Another Lancaster Party Hits 2248 | Last Modified 2007-07-23
Before we got to the party, the few people I was walking with decided to head to the Vine and Hops pub for a last pint. It was already 1am, and I thought this ambitious, though I held my tongue. On the phone, I managed to lose most of the them before I started, but someone, perhaps imaginary, told me that they would be round the back and that there was an alleyway entrance that avoided the main door (which was full of bouncers).
Blog Jana's Party Hits 2546 | Last Modified 2007-07-23
Okay, so Jana has another party. Only this time she knows all about this website and even greets me with the words, 'Oh Ralph, I hope you will write about this party. But, I'm not drunk enough yet to say anything funny.'
Blog July 2000 Hits 1659 | Last Modified 2007-07-23
Well, things improve after time, and then they turn again to the same kind of state of waiting and trial.
Blog La Police Hits 1439 | Last Modified 2007-07-23
Hands up who likes the police?

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